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The Internet is for Gorn!
And they got the costume right this time!

And yes, that really is Peter Mayhew in the suit. ;)
23rd-Dec-2013 09:12 am - ULTIMATE GODZILLA!
All the original Godzilla movie posters. High quality. ALL. For real.

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18th-Dec-2013 06:10 pm - Fluffy!
The conservation work on the original Fluffy (from Creepshow)

I'd been in and out of the furry community for nearly two decades, but after seeing the dance competition at Eurofurence 17 (2011) I was finally sure: this is the thing for me. In all those years before, I had never felt the urge to create a character, and then suddenly I had an epiphany: I could just combine my favorite animal species (Zebra) with my all-time favorite cartoon (Gargoyles), and no-one could stop me.

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1st-Sep-2013 08:19 pm - KRAMPUS SEASON!
Just stumbled on this, really nifty! Krampus LA is a series of Krampus-themed events (both public appearances and art shows) in Los Angeles throughout the month of December. Check out the blog...some excellent costume-making pointers in there!
12th-Aug-2013 11:13 pm - Molluck Rarsuit - Making Of
From Fire City:The Interpreter of Signs, an independent "demon noir fantasy" film with some pretty nifty-looking practical creature effects.

They just recently cleared their funding goal on Kickstarter, but there’s a few days remaining yet…for $10K you can be a demon in the film.
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