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2nd-Feb-2015 10:42 am - I'll just leave this here...
The Internet is for Gorn!

This is awesome! Why wasn't this person at the rarsuit panel?
23rd-Jan-2015 09:30 am - This is not a Krampus

It's a scene from a Correfoc -- a "fire run" -- in which devil- and demon-costumed performers wield fireworks through the streets of Barcelona and surrounding areas. There's sometimes parade-float dragons too!

A few dragon floats: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHLw5FKqpBI
The Internet is for Gorn!

Yeah, I know some of you might be scared to willingly see another George Lucas project at this point, but I can't resist something with hideous cute monsters in it. ;)
Reminder: Rarsuit Roundtable @ FurCon! Saturday 2pm, Blossom Hill I (Marriott 3rd floor)

So! I've got these digitigrade stilts. Sometimes called Weta Legs...though Weta ultimately declined to produce them, ownership reverted to the inventors, and the stilts are now sold by Area 51 as Digilegs.

Been fun and interesting, but I decided they're too unwieldy for costumes I had in mind. So if someone wants to buy them, I'd entertain offers...this includes trades with rarsuit makers.

Info and stuff at www.digilegs.com . These are the "taller" size (knee-to-ankle of 420-500 mm), with "small" calf (340-390 mm). I'm 6'0", 175#...these will not work on shorter and/or significantly heavier people.

New, the stilts are around $900 USD, plus ~$150 for shipping and ~$70 import duty. These have been walked around the park a few times, so adjust accordingly. Taking serious offers (including trades, partial trades, etc.), send a note if interested. I'll be at FurCon, can deliver in person.
28th-Dec-2014 01:35 pm - FurCon 2015: Rarsuit Roundtable GO!
"Dragons! Werewolves! Demons and monsters! A meet-and-greet for active and aspiring builders, performers and fans of costuming and fursuiting outside the "cute" box. Ask questions, get construction tips, share your real-life monster stories and discuss the appeal of this growing segment of the fandom. RAR!"

After years of "wouldn't it be cool if...", I took matters into my own hands...this is a thing and will be happening at FurCon!

Con schedule is still being finalized, but I have a tentative time & location of Saturday from 2 to 3:30 pm, in the Blossom Hill I meeting room (Marriott 3rd floor). This is about 30 minutes after the parade, so probably just enough time to decant your suit and freshen up in your hotel room if you want.

Like the Fursuit Roundtable, this is a social panel with no strictly set agenda, though I'll have a projector & presentation to help move things along as needed, and maybe a couple things to show & tell, perhaps a giveaway (minor thing, not a rarsuit, sorry!). Bring anything you'd like to share, or just come and hang out with like-minded folks!
11th-Jul-2014 07:49 pm - Hey Rarsuit!
Hey everybody!
First off, I'd like to say If this isn't allowed, please feel free to delete this.

So Rarsuit, I know you guys are into behind the scene stuff. Well Listen to this.

I'm currently doing an Indiegogo campaign to earn money so I can fly to LA and join the Stan Winston School and build giant kaiju suits~
If I can raise the money in time, I want to extend a special offer to rarsuit. Depending on the nondisclosure agreement, I would love to take as many photos as possible and share them with you guys.
I probably won't be able to post pictures until after they're revealed in October, but I want to extend the opportunity to people who may not have the money to see the webinar!

My indiegogo is http://igg.me/at/KaijuKrazy/x/8155059

Again, Super sorry if this doesn't belong here. I thought it might gauge some interest though!
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