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Rarsuit SHOW & YELL!

Trying something different with the rarsuit panel at FurCon this year...

Last year, though it was called the "Rarsuit Roundtable," there wasn't much round-tabling...I'd brought along a projector & presentation "as a backup plan," ended up being most of the panel time. Toward the end, we'd opened it up to a "show & tell" format, and things really picked up.

This year (now called "Rarsuit Show & Yell!"), gonna skip the projector and just go straight for the show & tell format. If you got a new rarsuit and wanna share it with folks, bring it! Or maybe you're working on your first rarsuit and have construction questions, or performance questions, or something else. Ask the group, and folks can chime in with their suggestions.


Should the conversation stall, I have a set of 20 index cards to act as topic starters. (Based very loosely on the idea of Brian Eno's "Oblique Strategies" deck.) If nobody has a thing to talk about, we'll randomly pick a card, read it aloud, and hopefully this will jog someone into action or discussion. I'm NOT going to reveal the contents of the deck in advance, so this should be...interesting. ONE RULE: be excellent to each other.

Oh also: OK to heads-off in panel. I'll tape up a sign near the door requesting no photos/video.

Come and rar! The world needs more rarsuits! They're the best thing since...well no, they're just the best thing.

Sun. 1:00 to 2:30pm: Rarsuit Show & Yell!
SJCC room 114 (lower floor, glass doors near registration)
(Costuming panel/meet-n-greet/fun-n-games for MONSTERS!)

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